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GiveBIG (or GiveMICRO) to SCS

YOU can help SCS provide much needed mental health and addiction recovery support to our community! We provide services to your friends, your loved ones, your neighbors, and any community member in need. Real people with real troubles rely on our help everyday - over 1700 a year in fact! SCS is a rock in our community and has relied on donations since the beginning of the gay rights movement in America.

On May 6, 2014, you have an opportunity to show your support for your favorite LGBTQ behavioral health agency. From midnight to midnight (Pacific Time), The Seattle Foundation will host its fourth annual GiveBIG. Our goal is to turn out thousands of new and returning individual donors to help support SCS. And thanks to The Seattle Foundation, as well as individual donors and sponsors like Boeing, Microsoft,  Starbucks and more your donation to SCS will be stretched to go even farther! Last year, more than $11.1 million was raised for 1,300 nonprofits on GiveBIG day, with 54,500 individual gifts made. Last year, GiveBIG raised $12.6 million for nonprofits in our community in 24 hours!

Won't you help us? In the month ahead, Suggest your friends like us on Facebook, and join our Facebook event. And hey, size doesn't matter - if you can't giveBIG, giveMICRO! Commit to a micropayment on May 6th, because every dollar helps. And ask your friends to do so too! GiveBIG is like an app that makes you feel good about yourself for helping others!