LGBTQ Immigrant, Refugee & Undocumented Outreach Program

SCS is in the initial stages of developing a program to serve the LGBTQ immigrants, refugees and undocumented individuals in the Seattle-King County area.


A reflection on the countries that have been affected by the recent Executive Orders.
Artist: Julio Salgado

Artist: Julio Salgado


During the summer and fall of 2015, SCS conducted a series of small focus groups in partnership with community organizations serving the LGBTQ immigrant, refugee and undocumented populations. We wanted to find out what barriers this population faces when trying to access behavioral healthcare services in Seattle/King County, and how we can work together to eliminate them. Our goal is to develop a behavioral health program that meets the complex needs of this community. Our efforts are ongoing; if you are LGBTQ, undocumented, an immigrant, or a refugee we want to hear from you!

Everything you share with us is confidential.

  • Drop by SCS, and talk to our Program Coordinator, Ricardo Gonzalez.
  • Tell us about your experience.
  • Tell your friends about the project and encourage them to share their experiences with us.
  • Volunteer to get the word out in your community.

Todo que compartes con nosotros es mantenido en confidencialidad.

  • Pasa por SCS, y habla con nuestro Coordinador del Programa, Ricardo Gonzalez.
  • Cuentenos su experiencia.
  • Conversa con tus amigos sobre el Proyecto y motivalos a compartir sus experiencias con nosotros.
  • Sea un voluntario para correr la voz en tu communidad.

Our Immigrant, Refugee and Undocumented Outreach Project – has gotten off to an incredible start. Here’s a list of things we’ve been up to since May 2015:

  • The project has been presented to 70 different agencies working with refugees in King County.
  • We have hosted 8 delegates from the State Department’s International Visitors Leadership Program to provide them with ideas for programs and services that could be implemented in their countries.
  • We have provided assistance to callers needing resources and information on asylum processes as well as information about our services to Spanish speaking individuals.
  • We have hosted presentations, workshops and focus groups.
  • NPR and Story Corps have partnered with SCS to document seven stories of LGBTQ immigrants and refugees as part of their Out Loud Project. Our Outreach Specialist is working with Story Corps to reach out to API Transgender and Queer immigrants and Refugees as well as Latinos. The stories might be aired on NPR.
  • Because of our work with this project we have been chosen by to be their pilot city for their program.
  • We have distributed more than 1800 informational brochures about the project and about services at SCS.