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Job Announcement


Founded in 1969, Seattle Counseling Service (SCS) is proud to be the oldest LGBTQ-focused community mental health agency in the world.

During the summer and fall of 2015, SCS conducted a series of small focus groups in partnership with community organizations serving the LGBTQ immigrant, refugee and undocumented population. We wanted to find out what barriers this population faces when trying to access behavioral health care services in Seattle/King County, and how we can work together to eliminate them.

This position is being created as a result of the research conducted by SCS, the recommendations of immigrant, refugees and undocumented individuals, who are part of the LGBTQ community, and organizations who participated in this effort.

Position Overview

This is a full-time position. The person in this position is tasked with setting discreet objectives to improve access to care for LGBTQ immigrants, refugees and undocumented individuals who are not currently accessing SCS services by:

  1. Increasing SCS competency to serve LGBTQ immigrant, refugee, and undocumented individuals.

  2. Increasing awareness and cultural sensitivity to LGBTQ immigrant, refugee and undocumented populations in King County.

  3. Continue to build and strengthen SCS relationships with organizations that serve the immigrant, refugee, and undocumented communities in King County to increase access to services.


Closing Date/Time: August 27, 2017

Directly reports to: Executive Director


  • Must be bi/multi-lingual and bi/multi-cultural.

  • Have the ability to communicate well cross-culturally.

  • Must have familiarity and experience working within refugee, immigrant, undocumented community context.

  • Must have familiarity with the LGBTQ community in Seattle-King County and be aware of LGBTQ mental health and addiction issues.

  • Must possess experience providing outreach, engagement with underserved communities.

  • Must have excellent interpersonal and organizational skills.

  • Must be willing to work autonomously and as part of a team.


 Supports the agency, its mission and the population we serve.

  • Actively contribute to the development of a behavioral health program specifically focused on the needs LGBTQ immigrant, refugee and undocumented individuals.

  • Identify, share and implement recommendations and strategies with SCS leadership for recruiting a more diverse population to enter the SCS internships program.

  • Develop referral relationships between SCS and other service providers serving refugee, immigrant and undocumented communities and the LGBTQ communities to serve their unmet needs.

  • Coordinate outreach activities with other SCS staff to promote SCS services to LGBTQ immigrant, refugee and undocumented individuals in King County.

  • Provide training opportunities for partner agencies to understand how immigration, sexual orientation and gender identity influence access to services and assist these agencies in developing strategies to facilitate access to services and information by LGBTQ immigrants.

  • Provide trainings and presentations to service providers regarding LGBTQ immigrant, refugee and undocumented individuals to increase awareness about their needs in King County.

  • Represent SCS in service provider networks serving the LGBTQ and immigrant, refugee and undocumented communities to increase LGBTQ immigrant, refugee and undocumented visibility around access to behavioral health services.

  • Create materials to describe SCS services to LGBTQ immigrant, refugee and undocumented communities.

  • Increase access to off-site information and enrollment in services where applicable.

  • Host a meeting with key stakeholders, organization representatives and leaders in the LGBTQ immigrant, refugee and undocumented communities at SCS twice a year. The goal of the meeting is to coordinate services and share resources for LGBTQ immigrant, refugee and undocumented individuals in King County.

To apply: Please send a letter of interest stating how you meet the desired qualifications for the position and why you would like to work for Seattle Counseling Service with your resume by August 27, 2017 to Ann McGettigan at 1216 Pine Street Ste 300, Seattle WA 98101 or via email at

Seattle Counseling Service Mission

Seattle Counseling Service is a community resource that advocates, educates and serves to advance the social well-being and mental health of the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender community.

Seattle Counseling Service is an equal opportunity employer committed to a diverse, multicultural work environment. People of color, people with disabilities, and people of diverse sexual orientations, gender expressions and identities are encouraged to apply.