SCS Mental Health Internship Program

SCS Class of 2016/2017 Mental Health Interns: Erica Bacon, Brandon Gibs, Boya Hua, Alexandra Woolacott, Rina Herring, Bethany Cole, Andrea Johnson, Inness Pryor

SCS Class of 2016/2017 Mental Health Interns:

Erica Bacon, Brandon Gibs, Boya Hua, Alexandra Woolacott, Rina Herring, Bethany Cole, Andrea Johnson, Inness Pryor

Founded in l969, Seattle Counseling Service is the oldest LGBTQ mental health agency in the nation.  Seattle Counseling Service is a community resource that advocates, educates and serves to advance the social well being and mental health of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer community.  SCS provides individual, couples and group therapy, case management, crisis services. We have both a psychiatrist and a nurse practitioner that prescribe and monitor the medications of our clients. In addition, we have both abstinence based and harm reduction addiction services.  

Our internship program is designed for second year master level students in either counseling or social work.  The internship provides the intern with a thorough knowledge of working in a community agency that focuses on serving the LGBTQ community.  This experience includes direct client service hours, record keeping, using the DSM, clinical consultation, weekly individual and peer supervision.

Student Requirements:

  • 2nd year of Master’s program and meeting school requirements for practicum/internship
  • A 12 month commitment
  • 24 hours/week
  • Attendance every Tuesday between 12.00 - 3.00pm for staff-required consultations, meetings and trainings
  • Maintain a caseload of up to 25
  • Co-facilitate one or more groups
  • Affirm LGBTQ identities
  • Willing to work in a supportive, open-communication environment
  • Two intakes per week
  • Minimum of eight videotaped therapy sessions to be reviewed with your supervisor


Seattle Counseling Service will provide:

  • One hour of weekly individual supervision with a supervisor who will monitor and support the intern and internship
  • One hour of weekly group supervision/training with all clinical staff and fellow interns
  • Individual, couples, and group training
  • Intake training
  • DSM exposure
  • Case management and crisis training
  • Specialized training in crisis intervention
  • Specialized training in sexual orientation and gender issues
  • Multi-cultural training
  • Consultations regarding special populations including: ethnic, sexual minority, youth, transgender, disabled, deaf and hard of hearing
  • Continuous support
  • Understanding of the functioning of a community mental health center
  • Audio and/or video record sessions for evaluations


Internships  start in early September and ends the second week of the following August.  If interested, please complete the Internship Application and email it, your cover letter, and resume to by March 15th to be considered for fall placement.


From the class of 2016 -2017:

I can’t speak highly enough about my experience as an intern at Seattle Counseling Service. What I learned from my clients, my supervisor and other staff and interns here has been invaluable and will remain with me throughout my career. I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to grow as a therapist at an agency that so clearly values social justice, community support, and sense of humor in the midst of difficult times. I am constantly inspired by the resilience and hard work that I have witnessed from both my clients and from my peers here at SCS. Working here has affirmed my passion for working with the LGBTQ community. After my internship, I plan to continue to work in community mental health and hope to continue to focus on working with members of the LGBTQ community throughout my career.  --  Erica Bacon, Mental Health Intern, SCS


When I first moved to Seattle, I remember seeing the SCS sign and thinking to myself: “Sometime in the future, I hope I get to work there”. This past year, I had the opportunity to complete my internship at SCS and I can honestly report that the experience here was everything I hoped it would be. This year has been a period of intense growth, community building and connection for me. Every day I witness strength, wisdom and comradery in the people who work here and for me, those qualities define the energy of this agency. I have deep gratitude for my supervisors, fellow interns and the other wonderful staff here, who I could always count on for a hug, smile or word of encouragement when I needed it. I could not have imagine a more enriching program for internship, or a more talented team of people to support our community.  Alexandra Woollacott, Mental Health Intern, SCS


 Working in my ideal agency was just wonderful. I had never dreamed that I could talk about queer stuff every day during work!! I love my co-workers. They are just so generous, supportive and warm. I had a fantastic supervisor – Gottesman -- you’re so amazing and charming! Although I had a lot of doubts and struggles during my internship, the journey taught me way more than what I had learned from school.  -- Boya Hua, Mental Health Intern, SCS