SCS Mental Health Internship Program

SCS Class of 2015/2016 Mental Health Interns

SCS Class of 2015/2016 Mental Health Interns

Founded in l969, Seattle Counseling Service is the oldest gay and lesbian mental health agency in the nation.  Seattle Counseling Service is a community resource that advocates, educates and serves to advance the social well being and mental health of the gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and queer community.

We provide case management, crisis, individual, couples and group therapy.  We have both a psychiatrist and a nurse practitioner that prescribe and monitor the medications of our clients. In addition, we have both abstinence based and harm reduction addiction services.  We offer support for survivors of domestic violence, HIV/AIDS counseling and support, as well as therapy for victims of sexual assault.  Our clients range from adolescent to older adults, who vary from individuals who are highly functioning with adjustment issues to individuals who are low functioning severely chronically mentally ill.

The toughest internship you ever loved.

For over 30 years Seattle Counseling Service has offered a Master’s level internship that has developed into one of the most rigorous and rewarding internships in the Pacific Northwest. This one year program for second year students in either applied psychology, counseling or social work provides the intern with a thorough knowledge of how to work with and use the DSM-V, how mental health agencies work and how to work in them, exposure to experts and mentors in all areas of mental health specific to the LGBTQ community. Individual and peer supervision is conducted weekly along with weekly case consultations with the entire SCS staff.

Purpose of the internship program:

  • Provide graduate students a well supervised clinical experience within a community mental health agency.
  • rovide clients with low income access to quality services. 

Student Requirements:

  • 2nd year of Master’s program and meet school requirements for practicum/internship
  • A 12 month commitment
  • 24 hours/week
  • Attendance every Tuesday between 12-3PM for consultations, staff meetings and trainings, and peer supervision
  • Maintain a caseload of up to 25-30
  • Co-facilitate one or more groups
  • Affirm LGBTQ identities
  • Willing to work in a supportive, open-communication environment
  • Two intakes per week
  • inimum of one video or audio taped therapy session a month to be reviewed with your supervisor (total of 12 for the year)

Seattle Counseling Service will provide:

  • One hour of weekly individual supervision with a supervisor who will monitor and support the internship
  • One hour of weekly group supervision/training with all clinical staff and fellow interns
  • One hour of weekly consultation with a psychiatrist
  • Intake training
  • Diagnostic training
  • Mental health case management training
  • Specialized training in crisis intervention
  • Specialized training in sexual orientation and gender issues
  • Multi-cultural training
  • Individual and group therapy hours
  • Consultations regardingethnic, sexual minority, youth, transgender, disabled, deaf and hard of hearing special populations
  • All mental health issues required by the State of Washington
  • Continuous support
  • Understanding of the functioning of a community mental health center
  • Audio and/or video record sessions for evaluations
  • Ethics training

Internships start in early September. Please submit application, 3 references and cover letter by March 15th, 2017, to be considered for the first round of interviews.  To be considered for our final round of interviews, submit by April 15th, 2017. 

 Download the application for our September 2017 Internship Program here.