Addiction Services

Sometimes we feel conflicted about giving up our drug of choice, even when we realize it’s causing problems in our lives. Sometimes recovery can seem like an impossible goal. It’s a process that requires time, commitment, motivation and support.

Seattle Counseling Service offers a complete chemical dependency outpatient treatment program specifically designed to meet the needs of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer individuals and their significant others. We can help you recover from your addiction to alcohol or drugs in an atmosphere free from homophobia, prejudice, fear, shame, ignorance and heterosexism. We believe that in order to get the best treatment for substance use, you must have a space in which you feel safe enough to be completely honest and secure in not being judged for your sexuality and gender expression. We offer just that.

We are fully licensed and certified by the Washington State Department of Alcohol and Substance Abuse. All treatment sessions are completely confidential and are provided by licensed chemical dependency counselors and supervised Chemical Dependency Professional Trainees. All counselors have experience and training in working with LGBTQ clients.


Individual Counseling/Case Management
You will meet regularly with a qualified individual counselor. Counselors are also available to provide support to members of your family of choice.

Depending on your diagnosis and level of care recommendation, you might also participate in group therapy. Group therapy is only offered to those who are participating in one on one counseling. Generally, you will complete each group in order as follows:

Phase I: Intensive Outpatient
Time Commitment: Three 2-hour sessions per week for a total of 36 sessions
Focus: Basic education and discussion about the disease of addiction, relapse prevention and developing skills to live a clean and sober life

Phase II: Discovery
Time Commitment: Two 1.5-hour sessions/week for a total of 24 sessions
Focus: Continued education and assistance with developing life skills that support recovery as well as relapse prevention work

Phase III: Relapse Prevention
Time Commitment: One 1.5-hour session/week for a total of 12 sessions
Focus: Helping clients maintain long-term abstinence through on-going education including the development of relapse prevention strategies


Deferred Prosecution Treatment
This 24-month treatment program begins with Phase I: Intensive Outpatient group therapy alongside ongoing individual therapy.

SCS Also accepts Drug Court and WSHIP referrals.

The first step to accessing services is to complete our simple application form. Click here to begin.

You can expect to spend two hours with a qualified Chemical Dependency Counselor. During this time they will gather information regarding your substance use history and current needs. By the end of the assessment you will be provided with a diagnosis and recommendations for the most appropriate treatment.

The usual fees are:

  • $120 per individual counseling session
  • $50 per group session
  • $155 for a Drug & Alcohol evaluation/assessment costs
  • $25 UA fee with your assessment
  • $400 for Court Ordered Evaluations/Assessments (includes UA)

We accept Medicaid and many insurance plans.  These fees might be discounted if you are low-income and uninsured. Income verification is required.

More questions? Check our FAQ page or contact us or contact Aleks Martin, Addiction Services Program Supervisor at or 206.323.1768 ext. 123.